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Welcome to my site. 

I am a clinical psychologist who specialises

in individual, family and couples therapy. 

Sessions with English speaking expats looking for therapy, are more than welcome in my practice on Istedgade, Vesterbro.

Some things

I can help you with




Physical pain

Relational conflicts

Traumatic events


It has to be a genuine meeting between you and me to make the therapy effective. Thus I do not base my work in programs or manuals, but in individually tailored courses based on what is relevant just for you.



Introductory meeting (30 mins): FREE

Individual therapy(60 mins): 800 DKK

Individual therapy(90 mins): 1200 DKK

Couples & family therapy(60 mins): 950 DKK

Couples & family therapy(90 mins): 1350 DKK

If you're in a tight spot financially

contact me for the possibility of a reduced price. 

Therapy in English

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